Your special gift: Shares of the Energiepark Mëllerdall

Thank you for your interest in the energy cooperative. So far, a large number of citizens have already joined the cooperative and we have been able to order 4 photovoltaic installations. In January 2021, the installations in Zittig and Berdorf will be connected to the power grid, and the installations on the roof of the sports hall in Consdorf and on the roof of the water basin in Heffingen will follow, all thanks to the support of interested and committed citizens.

Further projects will be analysed regarding their economic viability and will be planned and realized.

For Christmas, offer a sustainable and future-oriented gift: a participation in the cooperative society and thus in the projects of the “Energiepark Mëllerdall”! This represents a strong investment in a prosperous future and guarantees you a return on your investment. In this way, you can support “green” energy and make an active contribution to climate protection.

Thank you very much in advance!

That’s the way it works:

1) Open your gift form  here<- KLICK


2) Read, fill out, print and gift it!